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13 June 2008 @ 09:38 am
All the way (2/?)  
Series Title: All the Way
Chapter Title: Ai nante
Authors: kusanobabe05 and ivonnemcgruder
Beta: mtfanatic, thanks dear love you.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: massano and more news member ai
Notes: NewS- Ai nante

Chapter 1


Notti woke up as the warm sunlight hit his back; he woke up to see a bare muscular chest in front of him. He looked up to see Massu's sleeping face, he reminded him of such a cute teddy bear, he hated to wake him. He knew Massu had an early rehearsal and they had been up kind of late. He heard Massu's phone go off, he snuggled close whispering, "Massu...honey...your phone's singing..." it was...it was singing Taiyou no Masuda.... loudly...

Massu heard the phone...Massu heard Notti...Massu grabbed the phone with his eyes still closed and with one hand removed the battery. He dropped it down on the floor, hugged Notti again and fell asleep immediately.

Notti shook his head, this wasn't okay... "Massu, what time is the rehearsal
...Kei called to remind you last night..."

Massu shifted a little, murmured something incoherent, and turned his back to Notti clenching the blanket tightly on his chest.

Notti didn't know how to wake him up...he decided he might try breakfast. He tostled Massu's hair gently before climbing out of bed he felt alone and cold without Massu.

He pulled his boxers on and went out to the piece of shit he called a kitchen. He filled the tiny rice pot and turned it on. Notti stuck his head in the fridge and found left over miso that neechan brought over the other day. He cleaned the kitchen before he threw it in the microwave and turned it on. He found some fish and cooked it too...it smelled good so he hoped Massu would like it.

Massu woke up in the smell of cooking. He opened his eyes, focused on the flat and realized where he was. He recalled the night...he felt...uncomfortable. No...just, something changed. He doesn’t like changes. "Nantoka naru sa....ne?" murmured into the pillow and then screamed.
"TABETAAI!" (I want to eat!)

Notti laughed, "I cleaned the kitchen, you can come in here and get your food..." Massu really was a buta...but hopefully he was his buta...

With a very nervous smile, he finally faced his younger friend. he took the plate of food and started the small talk: "It’s nice weather today, ne?" Ah...he wanted to smack himself instantly, but he just didn’t know what to say about the things that happened last night.

Notti frowned and turned away, didn’t last night mean anything...he mumbled, "Yeah sure, what time is your rehearsal this morning..."

"Seven o’clock." hummed Massu as he filled his mouth with delicious food. "Are?! This is meccha delicious!"

Notti checked his watch, "Kuso...I let you sleep too long. We have to go...its a quarter 'till. You have rehearsal and I have to buy a phone." He hoped the gesture wouldn't be lost on Massu."

Massu registered those words. He recalled their talk last night and felt again, his heart clenching. He stood up, approached his Notti and hugged him, "Welcome back."

Notti melted into those arms again...he had missed them. Massu had been distant this morning and that scared him. He whispered, "Thank god, I have you to remind me of what I really am...

"I’ll remind you every minute of the day, just let me know your new phone number when you buy your new cell phone, ok? Fine...so, I think I’m going to leave, take your time with breakfast." said Massu nervously and picked up all his belongings.

Notti watched him pack, "Are you coming back..." a cold fear went through his heart...had he gone too far last night...

Massu stopped in the half way out the door, he could read the atmosphere...he wasn’t that stupid. He likes Notti...very much. He doesn’t want to leave like this after what happened. He enjoyed it after all. PRETTY MUCH! He turned to his younger friend, kissed him lightly and whispered: "I’m coming back for you. You can’t stay living here alone. Let’s go home Notti." He patted his shoulder and left.

Notti stood there near the door, he was coming back...what did he mean home...

He spent two hours cleaning the apartment, he bagged all his laundry trekked it to the basement and washed it. He did his best to put them away in the tiny place. He didn't want his friend to come home to a dirty apartment. Notti checked the clock and then ran out to pick a new Docomo phone. he found a nice but inexpensive one that he liked. Immediately he texted Massu.

Massu, it's Notti. I still have the same number but I finally have a working phone now. I'm going to pick up groceries...want me to bring something back...

Kei, it's Kusachii. I finally got the new phone. I'm sorry for worrying you, give Shige a hug for me.

Kei was sitting with Shige in his lap on a break when phone went off. pulled it out and squealed looking at it, "It's Notti, his phone's working again..." he hugged Shige as he showed him the phone.

Shige continued licking his lollipop while reading the message. Then he just leaned back a little to whisper into Kei’s ear: "I sort of found out what’s behind this sudden change. You?" asked Shige watching Massu smiling on his cell phone.

Kei grinned, "Member ai? I think they both got sort of laid...but wasn't Kusachii a bit of a homophobe..."

"E? I didn’t tell you? Our Kusachii has sort of a history with Yassan. Ryo referred some time ago..." "Hey, Massu? Are you going to Notti’s again today?"

Massu just grinned when he saw the message from Notti. Sooner then he realized he’s smiling on his phone for way too long he heard Shige asking him. AH? Am I obvious or what? "Maybe yeah, why? Wanna come?"

Kei yelped excitedly, "Of course we'll come we've been too busy to visit but things calmed down this week."

Massu smiled at them and wrote down a message: "Ok, coming around 6 PM with KK, I ... see you then. M." Sent. He realized that Kei and Shige were watching him suspiciously…

Notti nearly jumped out of his skin when the phone rang, he pulled it out and bounced around. Massu was coming over and bringing KoyaShige, he glanced around...it was the cleanest it had ever been since he moved in.

Massu lead Kei and Shige to Notti’s apartment. First, he went to the building. Then, they rang the wrong bell...when the old lady saw them, she screamed, "Aren’t you Masuda Takahisa from TegoMass?!" They just bowed and said they made a mistake.

Kei texted Notti, "Massu's getting us lost how do we get to your place..."

Notti jumped when his phone went off unexpectedly, he still wasn't used to having it back yet. He read the text and laughed, trust Massu to get them lost...he sent Kei directions.

Kei read the text and led them to Notti's. Excitedly, he banged on the door...

Notti opened the door only to get glomped by his friends...

Massu just watched how happily Kei and Shige jumped on Notti. It was a beautiful picture. His heart jumped with happiness.

Kei hugged Notti as hard as he could; he had missed their troublemaker friend so much.

Notti just let his two best friends hold him; he had missed them so much...

Shige just went in but let Kei jumped on Notti not telling a word.

Notti led them inside, he turned to make sure Massu followed them. He gave Massu a bright smile, bringing his best friends over was sweet...he had a terrible thought...what was he going to feed them? He excused them and pulled Massu into the kitchen with him. He whispered worried, "Shit Massu...what am I going to feed them? My fridge is practically empty…Massu what am I going to do..."

"I’ll go pick something up at the store. Just calm down..." Massu realized how cute Notti was...so nervous in front of his sempais, so happy to see them. Massu couldn’t stop watching his face like this. He placed his hand on Notti’s cheek: "Everything will be alright, ok?"

Notti still thought being taller then Massu was weird but...he felt Massu's touch, he pulled him close and kissed him deeply. He murmured, "Massu..." against his friend's soft lips.

Shige and Kei took a look around the flat.

"Is he really living HERE?" Kei sighed worried.

"It’s the same size as my closet." Shige said and watched Notti pulling Massu in the kitchen. Shige pulled on Kei’s wrist and whispered, "Follow me."

Kei followed Shige and stifled a giggle, Notti was actually making out with Massu. It was cute....

Shige clenched Kei’s wrist harder, "Shh...so it’s true about him and Yassu. Massu doesn’t seems to be that comfortable with it, does he?" Shige asked worried.

It was the time when Massu broke the kiss which he wasn’t returning from the beginning and Kei with Shige could hear Massu speaking.

"Ehm...I think I’m going to the store now." They jumped far away from the door and snuck away to leave Massu and Notti as if nothing happened.

"Let’s ask him," Shige pointed with his chin to the kitchen.

Kei nodded and let Shige lead him back to the kitchen.

They entered the kitchen and found Notti leaning on the kitchen table slouching his head. He didn’t even register their presence for a while.

Notti looked up as they joined him in the tiny kitchenette. He turned bright red and whispered, "You were watching weren't you...."

Kei was worried for him, he wrapped an arm around his younger friend's shoulder, "You like him don't you...." he didn't answer Notti's question, it didn't need to.

Notti leaned into Kei's embrace nodding, "Ever so much...I think I scared him."

"Kusachii? What happened between you two?" Shige asked softly.

Notti said softly, "I think I scared him...maybe I came on too strong. I couldn't help it...he's cho kawaii. I want him so much...he's gotten so precious to me. We were fine with each other last night but this morning everything was strained...I don't know what to do..."

Kei looked at Shige, asking him with his eyes, what do we tell him...

Shige didn’t know what to say. Telling him that everything will be all right would be evil; Massu can be stubborn if he has an opinion or feeling. There was still one thing, which bothered Shige. WHEN... "Notti but...when did THAT happened? Don’t tell me you two are hanging out for some time and that buta was hiding it from us."

Notti shook his head, "Massu found me trying to drink myself into oblivion and made me come home. He bit my head off for being insensitive and making you worry because my phone was broken. I explained it to him that because of the two or three singles and the new album I felt as if I was not needed or a part of NewS anymore."

Kei patted him on the back, "Umm Kusachii...we've had four."

Shige smacked Kei’s head without saying a word. Kei was sometimes idiotic to tell things which can hurt, but he’s usually able to realize that after saying it aloud. "So you just jumped on him like this? He found you, saved you and you jumped on him instantly. Well...I’m not surprised he’s confused now. When I and Kei first..." then he took a look at both of them and stopped. "Ok, that’s not the point." Shige’s cheeks turned reddish. He really didn’t intend to talk about his and Kei’s history. Comparing it to Notti and Massu’s case would be crazy. He and Kei knew from the first time they hung out together that they simply belonged at each other’s side.

Kei rubbed his head...that hurt, he looked at them both and slapped a hand over his own mouth. He turned with embarrassment how could he have said such a thing to Notti he knew how much it would hurt...

Notti shook his head turning red, "I didn't jump on him immediately...I'm not that desperate. I was being stupid and drowning in self-pity. Massu had had enough and decked me. I deserved it...he couldn't believe what he had done and hugged me. then he held my face in his hands and told me I was needed...something about his arms made me feel at home...alive...they sobered me up.

I told him to show me how much I was needed...he didn't understand...perhaps I should have backed off right there. I asked him what he saw when he looked at me...he told me that until I smiled he didn't really believe I was Notti. He teased me about an evil twin or something...I said something about change and how its not necessarily a bad thing. Then I kissed him...it took him awhile but he kissed me back." he brushed his own lips with a finger, he could almost still feel Massu. he turned red...he realized who he was talking to...the same best friends he'd called freaks when he discovered them making out in the dressing room. He didn't believe them when they said someday he'd understand. Now he did and it felt awful... "Kei, Shige...I'm sorry I know I hurt you guys all those years ago...I shouldn't have said any of that...I think I was afraid...hell I’m still afraid."

Shige looked at Kei’s eyes. Kei was the one who was hurt by Notti’s behavior. Shige back then...was only pissed. When he saw Kei’s soft smile, he smiled back and hugged Notti. "Don’t let it bother you, it was long time ago. And...believe me, Massu is not able to hurt somebody, he’s probably just confused. He needs somebody to kick his ass to wake up sometimes."

Notti chuckled nervously, "Or cook." he blushed; Massu did give him the sweetest kisses this morning after he made him breakfast. It felt so nice to have his best friends around. "I love him a lot...how do I show him that without scaring him to much? I think I'm too affectionate and I frighten him..."

Shige didn’t understand, "Oh god Notti, how it’s even possible to fall in love during one night? Are you sure you it’s not just you being grateful for him taking you home?" Shige hoped that it was a yes. If Notti finally found something, he wanted to live for it’s a big mess if THIS is just another addiction...

Notti shook his head, "I've known I loved Massu for awhile...I tried to make things work with Yassu because he reminded me of him so much. I missed Massu more then I missed you two...I just finally had the chance to tell him. I was sober when I kissed him...I swear."

Kei looked him in the eye, the surety in Notti's voice worried him. He had the same look Shige had when he defended himself and their relationship to Notti. Did Massu realize how serious Notti was? He glanced at Shige, now what...

Shige just nodded to Kei’s questioning look. The only thing that mattered now was making their best friend feel better "Kei, we saw him grinning happily at his cell when he received the message from Notti...give him some time, ok? I’ll talk to him. Him and I...we were friends even at times when you two were just thinking about joining Jumisho. Hey...ok, stop this interview right now." Shige said with loud cheer-up tone.

Notti gave Shige a small smile, "Thanks, I'm glad I have you guys...someone has to keep my head on straight." Notti started, "He was only going to pick up a few things. Did he decide to buy the entire store..."

Kei hugged Notti tightly, "We're always here for you Kusachii, we love you...try not to worry us so much. Let me try to call Massu, I bet he got lost again." Kei dialed Massu only to hear his phone singing Taiyou no Masuda on the table...he sighed, "Baka..."

Shige smiled and felt that this is the good chance to talk to Massu.
"I’ll go and find him you two just...don’t get naughty from all your love, ok?" said Shige and winked at Notti while giving a "see you soon" peck on Kei’ lips.

Kei knew Notti wouldn't mind anymore and pulled Shige in for a deeper kiss. He whispered against his lover's lips, "Hurry back...I miss you already..."

Shige smiled feeling still a little uneasy to do such a things in front of Kusano who hurt from it before.

He found Massu right in front of the building counting something on his fingers.

"Hey you baka? It’s right here." Shige called out to him.

Massu grabbed the bags and ran to him smiling.

"I still can’t find the right entrance." His smile disappeared when he saw that Shige is not smiling, not even laughing at his bakaness.

"What’s with that look?" asked Massu suspiciously. Shige hid his hands in his pockets and scanned the blue sky, "You offered attention to a person who desperately needed it, wanting it back is evil."

Massu gasped for air as if he was about to defend himself, but closed his mouth again and dropped the look. After a moment of silence, he said with the soft voice:
"I don’t want it back; I only want to get to know him better before we decide to get serious. I want…no I need to know Notti better, this new Notti. I like this older more mature Notti, I like Notti a lot...I just don’t think I love him just yet. We just need the time to build a better foundation for a relationship."

Shige gave him understanding look, smiled and patted his shoulder:
"Try to not hurt him much during the process of it, ok?"

Massu smiled back and both headed back into their friend’s so called home.
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nozomi777nozomi777 on June 13th, 2008 10:32 am (UTC)
I really like KoyaShige in this chapter!!! They are so funny and serious too ne? Kusano is lucky to have friends like them!
And Masuda.. hehehehe always hungry ^^. I hope he will love Kusano one day. I don't want that somebody hurts Kusano or Masu.
Thank yo for this chapiter!!!!
Ivonneivonnemcgruder on June 13th, 2008 12:01 pm (UTC)
Don´t worry. Massu can´t hurt other people ^_~ Not mine Massu.
Cris Liggettkusanobabe05 on June 14th, 2008 12:04 am (UTC)
he better not hurt me i'll curk in ball again...
R.fanart_love on June 22nd, 2008 08:58 pm (UTC)
XD KKKity always makes me smile XD so guinuenly heart warming. Shige is protective, i liked it. :)
Ivonneivonnemcgruder on June 22nd, 2008 09:02 pm (UTC)
Re: K.K.Kity
Yeah...I like Shige´s character here. I like how Kei-Shige are balanced. And they can spread the balance around by helping to those they cherish :)
Cris Liggettkusanobabe05 on June 22nd, 2008 09:08 pm (UTC)
Re: K.K.Kity
i know shige should, he's older and when kei isn't motherinf notti's it seems like shige is...