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05 July 2008 @ 05:10 pm
All the way 4/?  
Series Title: All the Way
Chapter Title: Akaku moyuru taiyou
Authors: kusanobabe05 and ivonnemcgruder
Beta: mtfanatic, thanks dear love you.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: massano
Notes: NewS- Akaku moyuru taiyou
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 2B - Koyato side chapter
Chapter 3


Massu woke up when he felt the vibration under his belly. He found the phone there and pressed the call button. "Moshi moshi...moshi moooooosh..." when the alarm clock went off again, it almost deafened him. "Baka ..." Massu sighed. When he tried to get up, he felt dizzy. His nose was stuffy and his head was spinning. He remembered the rain last night. But there is a date today. No way, he can waste a free day...especially when he's supposed to be with Kusano. He endured it and took some pills. He'll feel better soon...he hoped. When he was in the bus, 10:30 - he's incredibly slow in mornings - he called Notti. The phone was ringing but for a long time, there was no answer and he was beginning to worry.

Notti woke and checked his watch, uso daiyo...it was after 10:20 AM. he checked his phone...dead, "Shit," he shouted diving across the room to plug it in. The phone turned on and immediately began to ring. He answered, "Notti desu..."

"It's me Massu, I'm terribly sorry I'm late, but I'm already on my way...give me 10 minutes! EH? What was that sound? It wasn't his phone battery was it...he charged it yesterday, he chose to focus on Notti, "Anyway, sorry for coming late. Ja." and he immediately hung up. He checked the battery...it was on red. Nande? He tried to think hard if he really charged it or not. He recalled their call last night...he must have fallen asleep on Notti. Then it hit him. "CRAP!" he checked the length of the last call. 7 hours 35 minutes..."Crap..." When he reached Notti's flat (he finally found the way for the first time) he blew his nose. He didn't want Notti to know that he's not feeling very well...this is Notti's day, and he's going to make hi m enjoy it on maximum.

Notti was rummaging through his clothes after his shower to find the perfect outfit to go out on his first date in a long time. He settled on a pair of baggy black pants and a nice green shirt. he heard a knock on the door he opened it, "Taka...Massu, I'm almost ready, I just need my wallet, and cell. What's the weather like outside...?"

"Light jacket will do...it was raining the whole night, so it's quite chilly." said Massu and closed the door behind him.

Notti pulled a jacket off the hanger and sighed looking at his phone, "Do we need them because it's dead anyway..."

"Mine will be dead soon too...and my wallet as soon as the bill comes next month." Massu sighed.

Notti frowned, "Gomen...I didn't mean to waste your minutes."

"Eh? It's not your fault, I didn't mean it like that. Sorry for troubling you with it, come on lets go...I'm hungry. What do you want to eat?" Said Massu and threw his hand around Kusano's shoulders.

Notti stood there for a moment before snuggling against Massu's warm body. "Mmmm...I've been craving a Big Mac. Do you think it's late enough to get one..."

"Let's go and ask Mr. McDonald." joked Massu and set off.

Notti knew the harm that cameras could do and moved away from Massu as soon as they hit the street. He watched Massu as they walked next to each other. He wished they could hold hands but because Massu was in NewS he wouldn't do it.

"I'll have the biggest burger in the world!!" Massu dreamed as they took the bus.
"And 3 portions of chips...with ketchup...and...Hechou" Massu sneezed. Oh, Crap! He checked Notti's reaction.

Notti turned at the sound, "Massu..." he whispered, "are you okay..." he finally looked at his friend...he didn't look good. He wanted to wrap his friend in his arm and hold him close.

"I'm totally ok, It's just like...reflex, I'm looking forward to the food." Massu forced a nervous smile. " W hat movie do you wanna see today?"

Notti blushed, "Ummm...Hana Yori Dango final just came out and I kind of want to watch it. I like the story...most guys wouldn't want to watch that...but we can see Prince Caspian I haven't seen that yet."

"I vote for Narnia. Ah! McDonalds is here...let's go!" Massu grabbed Kusano's hand and pulled him out off the bus. When they reached the restaurant, he realized how breathless it left him. Wow...maybe he's really sick. He won't get breathless after only running 20 meters. "It's my treat, you can eat the whole restaurant if you want." Massu winked to his friend.

Notti nodded at the choice of Narnia, he'd have to watch the other on his own... he let Massu pull him towards the restaurant. He heard Massu gasping for breath; he was really starting to worry. "Massu are you sure, you're okay..." Being Massu's biggest rival in NewS physically speaking he knew Massu's strengths better then anyone. He knew that his friend never was winded that quickly...

"Two Big Mac's, two portions of chips with big amount of ketchup. And...one muffin, a chocolate one." Massu pretended not to hear Notti's question.

The girl asked, "Wouldn't you two prefer value meals? It'd be cheaper then this."

Massu stopped grinning: "This is only for me." he informed and finally looked at Notti. What you want?"

Notti smiled even though it hurt that Massu ignored his question. He nodded, "I'll have everything but the muffin...can I have a large Coke too? I'm kind of thirsty." Massu still looked terrible...

"Ah! Yeah, one for me too." said Massu. The girl behind the counter left and there was sudden silence. "What?" asked Massu when he felt Kusano's studying look on his face.

Notti whispered anguished "Are you sure you're not sick...you look awful. And normally I can't run longer then you. You would tell me if you weren't wouldn't you...."

"Of course I would. It's just that I came home wet from head to toe, I think it's only a runny nose. Then suddenly Massu felt the drop of sweat falling down his temple. "Ah crap..." Massu sighed and gave up on pretending. He felt dizzy. The restaurant air was stuffy and the smell of so much fried food didn't help his already churning stomach.

Notti noticed his body began to shake as if he couldn't stand anymore. He wrapped Massu in his arms, as he said softly, "Its okay, Taka...I'm right here. No matter what...if you're sick we can just go home. You can sleep; you look like you need it. I'd rather have my Massu all genki then sick. I want you to be well enough to have fun..."

"We could borrow the DVD and watch it at home, but since there is no TV..." Massu sighed. He wanted to do something special, not fail to live up to Notti's expectations.

Notti whispered, "We'll just have to get one, won't we? If all else fails we can buy the US edition, it comes out first and we need to practice our E nglish anyway if NewS goes to America. We can have a date another time, right now you need to get better." He grabbed the food and wrapped an arm around Massu's waist, "I'm taking you home okay..."

"But what about the food?" Massu looked like a kicked puppy. He failed in making today a great day for Notti and now he was even about to leave food.

Notti led him outside, "I have it, we can eat there. I want to get you home before it rains again and you get even more sick.":

Massu followed him. When he finally stopped pretending that he's feeling good, the reality hit him hard. He's sweaty and his head is aching like hell. When they entered the bus, he doesn't even remember how he fall asleep on Notti's shoulder. Completely oblivious to surroundings, totally oblivious to how dangerous it is.

Notti didn't care one lick about anything else, he placed the food in Massu's lap and carried him home. For once he was actually glad he was taller then Massu it m ade this easier. If anyone around had any sense they'd think he was taking care of a sick friend. This was true...even if he still cared for Massu as more then a friend. That wasn't important, taking care of Massu was. He shifted Massu around so he could get the door. He opened it gingerly and carried Massu over to the bed. He laid him down gently; he brushed Massu's hair with a chaste kiss and went to set the food on the counter. He covered Massu with a sheet to make sure he didn't get sicker. He dialed Kei; his phone had enough battery. He went into the kitchen so he wouldn't disturb Massu, he looked really awful.

Kei was busy trying to cook Shige breakfast when his phone rang private hearts. Notti...why was Notti calling? He had a bad feeling; he picked it up quickly, "Kusachii...what's wrong..."

Notti said softly, "Kei...I need your help. Massu's sick...he walked home in the rain last night and now has a cold. He passed out on me and I don't dare leave him. Could you and Shige pick up stuff for me? I wouldn't know what to buy anyway and I know you've taken care of your neechan's kids when they were sick. Please help, I'm so worried."

Kei could hear the fear in Notti's voice... "Kusachii, we'll be right there. Don't worry let me see how sick he is and then we'll take it from there. Let me feed Gesshi and we'll pick up everything you'll need. Give me thirty minutes..." He hung up the phone, dished up two plates and carried them into the bedroom. He set them down on the night table, "Gesshi, we have a problem..."

"Nani?" murmured Shige and buried even deeper into the sheets. He likes the feeling of a big warm bed and fluffy sheets. The more it smells like Kei the better. He was determined to spend whole day wrapped in it. Sleeping...sometimes calling his lover to hug him... yeaahhh. That's how days off should look like.

Kei sat on the edge of the bed, "Gesshi, Massu's sick. He passed out on Notti and he's too f rightened to leave him. He needs us to pick up medicine for him. We have to go soon, I said we'd be there in 30 minutes."

"I'll miss you honey. Come back soon." said Shige and hid his head under the pillow.

Kei pulled the sheets off Shige, "You didn't hear me did you? I said Massu is sick...he's never sick and Notti's scared doesn't that bother you? I'm not going to see them alone, they're our friends and you're coming, like it or not. Are you going to get up and dress yourself or do I have to..." Kei was worried and being the mother hen he tended to be, sometimes he got angry quickly.

"It's probably just a cold...don't worry. Massu is hardly sick but when he is, he's like a baby. When he catches a cold he thinks he's dying." Shige said and slowly dropped his legs down from the bed and started to look for his jeans. He thought about how unfair this is. This would be his first day off with Kei after a very long time.

Kei crossed his arms, "He passe d out...didn't you hear that part? He's really sick, I think they were on a date and that's why Kusachii is so worried." He frowned and went to find a clean shirt.

"Massu looks dead when he's asleep." Shige murmured to himself and then asked, "Where did you throw my jeans yesterday?"

Kei sighed as he fished them out from where they were; which was half under the bed. He tossed them to Shige, "Here...hurry Gesshi we still have to eat. Kusachii was worried..."

Shige put on his clothes and passed Kei by the dining table. "I'm not hungry, Kusachii was worried, ne?" said Shige with the little amount of sarcasm and threw Kei's jacket at him.

Kei sighed and stuck the plates in the fridge; suddenly he wasn't hungry either...he caught the jacket as he followed Shige out the door, he'd make it up to him, he promised himself. They didn't get days off often enough in his opinion and if Kusachii wasn't so worried he would have been more then happy to spend all d ay in bed with Shige. There was nothing more he enjoyed then making love to his Gesshi....

Shige spent whole ride on the bus gazing out off the window. It wasn't like he wanted to punish Kei for his mama-complex, the fact that there was nobody to get angry with was the worst. There was nobody he could blame for their spoiled morning.

Kei wanted to get this over with he dragged Shige in the direction the nearest store. He grabbed a basket and threw every type of cold medicine he could find since he didn't know Massu's symptoms. He grabbed a thermometer, cough drops and lemon-lime soda. His sister's kids liked that when they were sick. He turned to Shige, "The sooner I get this to Kusachii's and check on Massu, the sooner we go home and have whatever you want for lunch." he hoped Shige got that...they weren't in a place where he could explain himself.

"I want Sushi...Japanese crab.champagne, Cabernet wine, and ice cream as a desert." Shige was jokin g . He'd be ok with instant noodles when they're home again. Anyway, he thought Koyama wasn't even really listening right now.

Kei grinned, "Want anything to go with that ice cream of yours... strawberries... chocolate... whipped cream? Lets deal with Kusachii and Massu then we can worry about what we want. Shall we go..."

Shige nodded and followed Kei out from the store. It was near Notti's place, so they were soon ringing their friend's doorbell.

Notti threw open the door and dragged them inside. He shoved Kei at Massu, "Tell me how sick he is...onegai."

Kei sighed and knelt on the bed with the bag. He laid a hand on Massu's forehead; he was burning up. He pulled out the ear thermometer and gently placed it in Massu's ear so not to wake him. He nearly cursed, it was 102.6 . That was too high, Massu's normal temperature was lower then normal, it was more like 97.4 then 98.6 .

"Let's try this on his forehead and these for him to swallow after he wakes up." Shige said and handed everything to Notti. Massu was sweating and he had a fever, but he had still quite good color. "He'll be all genki again in few days." tried Shige to calm Notti down and put the hand on his shoulder.

Notti swallowed nervously, he'd never seen Massu sick before the whole time they'd known each other. He took the stuff from Shige and whisper, "How sick is he..."

"He has a cold, I think, but he's just sleeping now. Let him sleep as much as he wants and then give him those pills. 3 times per day, it says. He will be fine, and you should call his family that he's not coming home tonight, they'll be worried." Shige said and threw a "say something baka" look at Koyama.

Kei frowned, "He has a decent fever...I think Gesshi's right. He'll be okay if you keep him in bed, I'll let Yamapi know he's sick. It will get Massu a few days off. Now I think you have no problem with taking care of him. I brought over everything I thought yo u might need. Now Gesshi and I had lunch plans so we will have to leave you." before Notti could protest he had whirled Shige out of the apartment.

A few hours later..

Notti lay next to Massu, he was starting to worry...Massu was still sleeping and it was almost three hours since Kei and Shige left. He decided to try again...and called out, "Massu...Massu, honey please wake up..."v

Massu heard a soft voice. He felt hot... "Unnnn...where am I?" asked he as he opened his tired eyes into the sharp daylight.

Notti wanted to glomp him but he didn't, he teased him...or tried to anyway, "You made me carry you home...you kinda passed out on me. I had Kei and Shige bring medicine and other stuff over. Yamapi is supposed to get you a few days off so you can get better. I have some medicine, but do you want to eat first? Big Macs aren't bad cold but the fries (chips) I'll have to heat up..."

"Awwww...I love you." purred Massu. He knew it wasn't the rea l I love you Notti wants...it's not even the real I love you which really means love...but he wasn't in condition to realize that this empty phrase can hurt Notti.

Notti swallowed, he was sure that was the fever talking. "So do you ummm...want to eat then..."

"Yeah...is...there anything to drink? I feel totally drained." Massu sits up and took a look around the flat. His head wasn't spinning anymore and he felt that his fever is almost gone for now. He just felt hot ... he felt like if he slept for ages. "How long did I sleep?"

Notti tried to smile, "I think nearly four hours...I think I saw a bottle of lemon-lime soda in the bag Kei brought is that ok? I think I made some tea last night that's still in the fridge." he reached over to check Massu's forehead, "You're still hot..." he bit his lip at his own word choice.

"ANYTHING!" wailed Massu and reached for the bag with pills to find something to cool him down. He found it and waited for Notti to c ome with something to drink. He also realized he's still fully dressed. He took of his shirt...it was lot better...

Notti ran for the kitchen, he threw some ice in a glass and hurried back. He stopped to pour some of the soda into it. He knelt next to Massu; "Here" he said his voice soft.

Massu quickly swallowed the pill and all the soda all at once. "Aaaaaaah! Kimochi ii!!!" he sighed in relief and let his upper body fall on the futon again, patting the exposed skin of his belly. His hair was all messy and he had pink cheeks after sleeping so long.

Notti tried to ignore the fact that Massu was shirtless. It was doing bad things to his mind and he wasn't happy with himself. Massu was sick...he needed to take care of him not be selfish. He shoved the unruly thoughts to the back of his mind. He sat next to Massu on the bed, "Do you want me reheat the food or do you want me to make you something..."

"I was looking forward to the Big Mac all morning, I 'm ok with it. Did you eat yours?" Massu asked. Suddenly he realized how tired Notti looked. He had to be dead with worry while Massu was calmly sleeping. "I'm sorry for making you worry. I just wanted to...make this day special for you, in a better way than this." Massu put his hand on Notti's.

Notti whispered, trying to ignore the fact that Massu's hand was touching his, "You being genki is more important to me. Do you want it cold or should I reheat it..."

"Cold is ok." Massu sighed and pulled his hand back off Notti's. Notti looked uncomfortable. He could understand, but something hit his mind. How can I go slowly when a little is not enough for Notti? He could understand that, if he was in love he would want more and more... When he watched Notti leave into the kitchen he suddenly felt like he's loosing him over behaving like a shy 15 year old girl. He jumped to his feet and followed Notti in the tiny kitchen. From behind he grabbed his shoulders and turne d him to face him.

Notti froze as Massu spun him around and looked down at Massu; he still thought that was weird. He said in a quiet voice, "Yes, Massu..."

"If I come to you at my own time, you'll slowly disappear out of my reach. I'm not a little frightened virgin and you are not stranger to me. I...want..." Massu gave up on talking and kissed Notti hard and deep showing him on the wall.

Notti forgot to think...he leaned against the wall bringing himself closer to Massu were he wanted to be. He wrapped his arms around Massu's neck as if they belonged there as he let Massu kiss him. He wanted this...he wanted more but for the moment, this was enough. He kissed Massu back letting everything he held back into that kiss; his love, desire, everything...

Massu hooked his fingers behind the hem of Notti's t-shirt and with Notti bowing a little down he took it off, stopping the kiss only for necessary seconds. He leaned on Notti and felt thei r skin touching. It was...a mesmerizing feeling.

Notti blinked in amazement; just seconds after Massu broke that devouring kiss he was shirtless, only to be shoved back against the wall as their lips slammed together again. He felt hot, very hot...he felt at if his entire body was on fire and the closer Massu was the more insane the blaze felt. Whatever Massu wanted from him, he was going to let him have it... When Massu's bare skin brushed his...he couldn't breathe... Notti whispered, "Taka..." it was the only word his mind remembered.

Massu heard his name from Notti's lips, his real name. He hooked his fingers behind Notti's belt and forced the taller one to lie down on the floor, getting on top of him and kissing his neck in an instant.

Notti felt Massu pull him to the floor by his belt and had no desire to fight back. He had wanted this for the longest time...to have Massu come onto him this way. He moaned his beloved's name over and over as Massu lay on top of him, soft lips attack his neck. His own arms still around Massu's neck holding him close.

Everything was like a dream...hot and hurried dream. Massu kissed Notti's chest and continued his way down. With both hands, he started to open Notti's belt buckle...kissing Notti's soft skin, twirling in Notti's navel.

Notti felt Massu's mouth everywhere as if he were tasting him, it was highly erotic. The hands on his belt as they began to try to release him from its confines made him gasp for breath even more. "Taka..." he groaned, his voice thick with desire...passion...need...he didn't know.

Massu finally managed to undo Notti's pants and he reached for Notti's hardened manhood and kissed all inches of Notti's body on his way up to kiss his lips again.

Notti felt almost complete as Massu wrapped a hand around him, when had he gotten that hard? Those sinful, addictive lips were all over him again, making him even more insane with an equal amount of love and desire.

"Do you even want me?" Massu asked when he didn't felt much response but moaning. He felt like he made Notti even more confused then before.

Notti grinned eyes shining, "I always want you...I thought you didn't want me yet. I told you I trust you...when you want to, I'll let you touch me anyway you want. You're Taka...the person I want beside me...loving me forever. I only want you...love me anyway you want. I want everything you're willing to give me. My heart's already yours and no one can take it away from you...not even me." he whispered against his beloved's lips.

Massu stood up and helped Notti stand on wobbly legs. He kissed him softly and danced them onto the futon. Notti stepped out from his fallen jeans but, Massu still had his own on. He started to work on his jeans but it was unexpectedly more difficult to undo his own.

Notti sat up a little to help Massu with his clothes and then let him push him back on the bed. H e whispered, "Taka...do you love me...even a little..."

"It's too soon to tell Hiro...two days before you were one of my closest friends. But we should rather listen to this then to my stupid brain." said Massu and placed Notti's hand on his chest, where his heart was trying to jump out of his chest.

Notti smiled as he felt Massu's wildly beating hear beneath his hand, "Then you can do what you like with me...a heart never lies...."

Massu looked deeply into his friend's eyes and felt something... something strange he thought it was close to being called love. He started to kiss Notti again and stroked him a little more. he wanted to see it again...Notti's face in ecstasy.

Notti tried to move with Massu to give himself added friction. He relaxed his body, only letting himself feel...the hand on him was moving faster. It was making him even more insane...he body was starved...begging to be touched. The more Massu did the more he wanted, he felt Massu ' s thumb move on his hot tortured length in endless circles, he couldn't handle it anymore. He groaned, "Taka...let me..."

"...come" whispered Massu in Notti's ear knowingly.

Notti screamed as he came, "Taka..." as he heard the words Massu whispered in his ear. His body on fire, his senses aflame, his heartbeat was like a jack hammer...Massu did this...his Taka...

Massu almost wanted to cry because of how happy he felt right there. When he felt that Notti came, he felt the strange ache in his chest...is this it? He didn't want to think about it right now. All he wanted was to make love to the person lying under him. He put his palm in Notti's cum and stroked himself few times; he just kneeled in between Notti's legs and found the entrance.
"Let me love you..." he pleaded.

Notti nodded, that's all he ever wanted from Massu. He whispered, "Taka...make me yours...you're the only one I want." He wrapped his legs around Massu's waist trying to give M assu the best angle he could.

Massu pushed inside a little. It was tight...tighter then when he slept with that girl...even though she was a virgin. "Ummph..." he let out a sound which was something between moan and suffocation....he felt dizzy from the tightness. He closed his eyes and kissed Notti again to distract his mind from fears...

Notti wanted this, he knew in his heart he did but Massu didn't know what he was doing...taking him that fast hurt. He tried to breathe as he let Massu kiss him while begging silently, "Please don't move just yet, you'll hurt me..." he didn't dare tell Massu how much he just hurt him...Massu would just stop. His body was screaming in pain, rebelling against him while he focused on what he knew, that this could feet good...he bit his lip, shoving the pain aside, "Taka...take me..."

Massu had never been with a guy before. He knew how difficult it could be for Shige, back when Shige started going with Kei and lost the opp o rtunity of talking it through with his other best friend he came to Massu. He knew how it hurts at first...He felt the tension inside Notti's body. Kissing Notti's eyelids....cheeks, the tip of his nose, "Tell me when the pain eases...I don't tend to take you and hurt you." Massu smiled down at Notti's frowning face.

Notti clutched at sheets; maybe Massu didn't know...he said he didn't want to hurt him. He couldn't bring himself to tell Massu he had. Notti had never been taken without prep before. He knew now why he needed that...he tried to breathe slowly...to relax...to will the pain away.

It took a while, too long in Notti's opinion, he whispered, "You can move a little if you do it slowly...I don't normally like it that way but right now it doesn't matter. Because your heart says you are making love to me and that makes it okay."

"Kiss me some more..." Massu whispered into the light kiss. He knew that before doing this he should have prepared Notti f o r himself. He knows...Shige told him about it...but he still was little afraid of doing things like this with a guy, this way it felt like a normal love making. So he didn't want to rush it...he can wait ages like this. When Notti started responding his kisses, he moved only an inch more in. He hoped Notti can forget the pain a little while kissing him.

Notti heard Massu's words as they were whispered against his lips. As he kissed him back, and he felt Massu move just a little bit. He began caressing Massu's back as he tried to move with him. He cried out quietly, "Taka..."

"Don't rush it....don't think about anything, just kiss me...." Massu tried to calm Notti down and make him think about something different then the pain.

Notti whispered, "But I want this...onegai..."

"Just once in your life Hiro...be patient." Massu whispered and started to stroke Notti's again hardening shaft.

Notti wanted this but Massu was in control and he liked t h at so he stopped protesting. He started moaning in pure pleasure as Massu began touching him again.

The more he stroked, the more he felt how Notti's body was finally opening for him. Soon, he was all in. He moaned. It felt so good to be inside... "Daijoubu?" Massu asked, his voice fogged with pleasure.

Notti nodded, "Hai..." he really wanted Massu to move but didn't want to push him. Massu had a point though, he hadn't let anyone else touch him like this in ages. He needed time to make his body remember and he wanted Massu to be comfortable with this.

Massu started to move slowly, the thrusts were long and slow...the tension became overwhelming. He picked up the pace and he knew he wouldn't last.
"Hiro..." he moaned.

Notti groaned in completion as Massu finally began to move inside him, "Taka...." Where had Massu learned to be so good...Massu's hand was still stroking him. "Iii desu ne...Taka...sugoi..." he choked out as the electricity Massu ' s touch caused to explode out of every inch of his skin.

When Massu felt Notti's body tense in ecstasy, it kicked his own body to the edge. He collapsed on Notti, breathless, sweaty...

Notti held Massu close, "Taka...daisuki..." he didn't care anymore, he felt he could say the words aloud without fear.

"Ore mo....daisuki." Massu said and looked down into Notti's eyes. "Ore mo." he repeated and kissed Notti softly. He rolled off of Notti but embraced him from behind and placed a soft kiss on his shoulder.

Notti felt Massu's embrace, it felt so perfect to lay here in his arms. Tonight Massu wasn't leaving...he liked that thought. He just wished his love wasn't sick...he fell asleep in Massu's arms just as Massu's lips brushed his skin.

"Notti, are you asleep?" Massu whispered when he realized his friend's deep and constant breathing. No response... He smiled and rested his head in the arc of Notti's neck.
tan_nyantan_nyan on July 6th, 2008 08:58 am (UTC)
Thank you, I like your story ^___^, and I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Ivonneivonnemcgruder on July 6th, 2008 10:53 am (UTC)
Thanks for commenting! We miss comments :(

Well...since me and kusanobabe are from totally different parts of world, and she´s sleeping when I´m awake and I´m sleeping when she´s awake...is difficult :) Now we are quite busy as well...

But we are continuing the story, don´t worry.

tan_nyantan_nyan on July 6th, 2008 01:14 pm (UTC)
Wow, you two are writing one story, while living so far away from each other? I think that's really amazing. Actually, additionally to the story by itself I also like your writing style. While reading the story I haven't really noticed, that two different persons are the authors ^__^.
nozomi777nozomi777 on July 6th, 2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
I was so happy to see the next chapter and it's long chapter so, I need time for read and understand but I like it!!!

It was so funny when Masu took 2 bigmac and he said to Kusano. this is only for me. poor masu, always hungry '^^

And how Kusano take care Masu when he is sick, i'm so happy!!!

KoyaShige powaaaaa. Now, I really really like this pairingm thanks to you!

the most beautiful part of this chapter: When Masu place Kusano's and on his chest and said: "Then you can do what you like with me...a heart never lies...." !!!!!!!!!!!! I like this part!!!!!

I really hope that Massu starts to love Kusano because Kusano is somebody very very good and kind (? i'm not sure about the significance of this word... sorry if this sentence is strange and one more time, sorry for my English)

Thank you to you two for this chapter!!!!!!!
Ivonneivonnemcgruder on July 6th, 2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
You are wonderful reader <3

I´m always so happy to see such a long comment. And tahnk you soooooooooooooo much for telling us what you liked the most <3

Actually it was Kusano who said that heart never lies :) But yeah...it was sweet.
nozomi777nozomi777 on July 6th, 2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
big mistake... sorry. I need to be more concentrate when I read '^^ thank you for have corrected me.

Anyway, I'm waiting for the next chapter!!!!
tan_nyantan_nyan on September 4th, 2008 07:19 pm (UTC)
Hi, I have got a question. I was just wondering if you are going to continue your story. I don't want to sound impatient or anything I just wanted to know, because I like the story.
Ivonneivonnemcgruder on September 5th, 2008 06:37 am (UTC)
New chapter is already with the beta-reader :)

Gomen that it took us so long... Busy busy and ... busy :)

shomiyakusashi on January 6th, 2009 03:16 pm (UTC)
hello !!

to tell the truth , i dun like reading most fanfic , cause the story will end up weird , or even start out awkward xD

but seriously , i have enjoyed ur story sooo much ! its like i can really imagine my dear boy [yepps i love kusano <3 ^^] being in that kind of scenes as written in the story (:

thanks for the story ! i'l be waiting with much anticipation for the next chapter !
Ivonneivonnemcgruder on January 6th, 2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
wow! I thought nobody is reading this anymore! We started write another chapter, but things happens in our lives and we came back to it just few days ago!

This comment cheered me up though, I will urge the next chapter now :)
shomiyakusashi on January 9th, 2009 02:53 pm (UTC)
ok !

i'll be back to check often (: