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03 October 2008 @ 09:26 am
All the way 5/6  
Series Title: All the Way
Chapter Title: All of me for you
Authors: kusanobabe05 and ivonnemcgruder
Beta: mtfanatic, thanks dear love you.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: massano
Notes from authors: Sorry for the delay...lot of things are happening in our lives and we are not able to meet online and write so often. Almost...never. But we well work as hard as possible to make the last chapter soon and good. Thanks for reading and waiting <3

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 2B - Koyato side chapter
Chapter 3
Chapter 4


Notti awoke to sunlight hitting him full in the face. He was sore ...he remembered last night. He turned red...he had let them do that when Massu was sick...what if Massu changed his mind?

Then cold dread hit him, he forgot to call Massu's parents last night like Kei said. He knew they must be worried sick and Massu's keitai was probably dead. He was afraid of having to explain himself...he shook Massu gently, "Massu...please get up, we need to talk...I know you don't feel well but its important."

"Free day ... sleep ..." murmured Massu half-consciously and turned to hug Notti so he had his head right under Kusano´s armpit. He also kissed the soft skin on Notti´s ribs.

Notti shook him more firmly though he was afraid of hurting him, "Massu..onegai...I'm begging you, please wake up..."

"I am awake...is there an earthquake or are you hurt?" said Massu quietly but consciously.

Notti said, "If you're awake look at me..."

Massu turned his head a little up and nosed Notti´s rib-bones. He opened one eye just a little and found Notti´s face. His eyebrows wrinkled against the morning sun.

Notti laid a hand on Massu's forehead, he frowned, "I was afraid of that...you're still sick and neither of us told your parents. With your phone dead they must be worried...you should call them before it gets any later."

"I´ll do that. Dial the number and place it to my ear." murmured Massu with his eyes closed again. But his arms around Notti´s wais did not lose the hug.

Notti sighed if Massu wasn't so sick he'd hit him. He reached for his own phone from the table. He dialed the number from memory and lay next to Massu so he could talk into it.

When Massu heard the voice of his mother he said:
"Hi mom, I´m at Kusano´s place."


"Sorry, I know..."


"Yep, everything is ok."


"I think I´ll come on Monday after the evening rehearsal." Said Massu and looked up with both eyes opened to see if Notti is ok with him staying 2 days more.

Notti nodded, as worried as he was about Massu he didn't want him to leave.




"On Monday."



Massu‘s mother was more than ok with Massu staying at his friends. It meant less cooking for her.

"Ok, I´m staying here till Monday evening. Now...can I sleep a little more? You are such a comfortable pillow."

Notti wanted to cry...after last night was that all he was good for...
He said nothing and let Massu go back to sleep he didn't think he could sleep...

"Why don‘t you answer me? I´m trying to be cute here." rose Massu his eyes and pouted up at Notti. Kusano looked troubled again. So he lay next to Kusano, so their face was in the same level, pat his cheek and asked:
"What‘s in your mind again Hiro?"

Notti shook his head, mumbling, "Betsuni...go to sleep you need it..."

"All I need is ... those pills you gave me yesterday. My head is about to explode." said Massu and after a while added: "And you being genki. After this night I ... no I don‘t want to go back. I want to be with you. Now you are part of me, and I need you to be genki again."

Kusano remained silent.

Massu was looking into his eyes and felt the uncertainty. He assumed Kusano must be even more confused after what happened last night. But for the first time in passed days, Massu was not. Massu was positive of what he wants now...finally. He bowed his head and kissed Kusano´s lips lightly. "Daisukidayo...Hiro." he whispered and repeated the soft kiss.

Notti turned towards Massu and whispered, "Hontou ne..." he trembled, he wanted that to mean what he thought it meant with his whole heart.

"Hai...I think I fell in love with you." then his head suddenly ached and his vision turn blurred. It must be the fever again. He just rolled on his back and closed his eyes in pain. "Ah...I think I need one of those pills, Hiro." moaned Massu.

Notti ran to get him medicine and refill his glass with soda, he whispered softly, "Its okay Taka, I'm here and I'll take care of you. Just tell me what you need..."

Massu without a word swallowed the pill. Then he turned to Notti and asked him:
"Would you mind play some music and get back in the bed to me?"

Notti reached over punch the play button on his stereo and NewS Touch began to play. He crawled in next to Massu and laid his head on Massu's shoulder. He asked gently, "Is what you wanted..."

Massu hugged Notti around his shoulders. "Well there are better things I‘d want to do with you. We could go into the pool, watch movies, eat something meccha oishii in restaurant...but I need to get better till Monday. So everything I want is only stay with you here. By the way I recalled... do you remember that on Nippon DVD we were talking about our dreams? Do you remember what you‘ve said?"

Notti frowned, "I don't remember...you actually remember what I said? That was a long time ago."

"I have the DVD at home. Is fun to see how uncomfortable we all were at the very beginning." Said Massu and pat Notti´s hair. "Actually you‘ve said, you want to become famous, have a big house, with big bathroom and many foreign cars." Massu looked around at Notti´s flat and couldn‘t help but ask, "Do you feel like your dreams are wasted? Or did you realized that your dream are actually different?"

Notti frowned, "That boy isn't here anymore...he was confused and didn't know what he really wanted. They weren't important, they were only a naive boy's rambling. Now all I want is a place of my own and someone who loves me. Someone to share my home and heart with. I hope that you can be that someone..."

"I´ll do my best." said Massu and nosed Kusano´s cheek.

Notti let Massu hold him, something still bothered him, "Ne Massu...will you tell me who hurt you...or would you rather not..."

Massu frowned, "What do you mean by "hurt you"?" He totally forgot that he told Kusano not telling him those big "you are the only one" sentences. He never talked about it with anyone, so he forgot that he let his tongue slip.

Notti frowned, "You told me not to say, you're the only one I want...you're only one I need...I was hoping you could tell me why..."

Massu‘s smile disappeared. "After a while of hearing this, I´ll get used to hearing it. Then something changes and didn‘t hearing it anymore is a pain."

Notti shivered, "I'm...never mind...that's not what I was asking...if you don't want to tell me you don't have to..."

"It‘s not like I was hurt by a lover or something like that. He just...changed a lot. And while choosing his new way he..." Massu grit his teeth and sat up on a futon crossing his arms around his knees.

Notti blinked, "You are taking about Tego, aren‘t you? He isn't the boy I left anymore...no more then I am..."

"You know how clingy he was...I ended up hanging out only with him, I almost lost all of my friends while he kept me to himself all the time. He was broken after we were sent to hiatus, we were still together, then Tegomass happened and...gradually...after NewS came back, he changed. He changed so much, suddenly I wasn‘t needed anymore. It hurts after all those things he said to me and I‘ve done for him."

Notti nodded, Tego had clung to Massu a lot...he had seemed more like the baby then he himself was. He was the youngest but Tego acted like the baby of the group. He had noticed a change since Johnny let him hang out with them some around Shige's birthday. The ban on all contact had nearly destroyed him...it hadn't been fair. He had done nothing wrong except make the Jumisho look bad. He closed his eyes, he must never say those words to Massu again...he whispered, "Gomen...I won't say such things again..."

"I‘d rather hear that you won‘t change in the future, but everyone changes." said Massu and still holded his look off of Kusano.

Notti whispered, "I can't promise not to change but I will promise to love you right now and take care of you when you need it. Is that sufficient..."

Massu nodded and lay back next to Notti resting his head on Kusano´s chest. "I´m still angry seeing him Notti." he confessed his secret.

Notti nodded, "I don't suppose the Tegomass singles and appearances help much..."

"Since he‘s totally different person...not really. But let‘s change the topic. I confessed you one of my secrets now. Is your turn Hiro." said Massu and kissed Notti‘s temple.

Notti frowned, "What kind of secret are you wanting to hear..."

"Well you were with somebody during the hiatus, you told me. Do I know him?" asked Massu and nibbled at Notti´s ear.

Notti blushed, "Yes...but he wasn't you..."

"Really?! I know him? He‘s Johnny then?" Massu was surprised. He expected that he don‘t know him, that it was somebody from university or something.

Notti whispered, "It...it was Yassu..."

"Shota? From Eito?"

Notti nodded, "Yes...Shota..."

Massu was silent for a while and then said, "I like his style." and grinned.

Notti whispered, "He...he reminded me of you...I didn't think you would want me..."

Massu kissed Notti´s eyelids and whispered back, "Was he nice to you?" Then the reality hit his head badly. "Ohmigod...Notti I..." Massu sat up in panic. "I didn‘t use the condom." he said his hand covering his mouth in shock.

Notti nodded sadly, "He was nice but...it just was never right." he heard the last of what Massu said and laughed, "Its okay...don't worry about it. I won't give you anything bad..."

"You had a condom? Every time you‘ve been with somebody? I had, this is the first time I forgot...chikusou." Massu swore.

Notti frowned, "With the girls pre-suspension yes. Yassu and I...we kind of forgot the first time. we were tested just in case. We only did it once or twice after that..."

Massu fell back on the futon, his heart pounding wildly.

"Ah...sorry for this, I just...freaked out, it was the first time I ever forgot." He lay on his back watching the white ceiling.

Notti bit his lip, "You know something...it feels better without. I don't recommend it unless you never want to sleep with anyone else. I like the feeling...I just don't choose to let myself experience it on purpose."

"I want to be with you now...I don‘t plan to cheat on you, how can you even think about this, Notti." said Massu and turned his head to see Notti next to him.

Notti frowned, "I didn't mean that...I meant something else that‘s all...I meant...never mind..."

"Do you feel uncomfortable talking about it with me?" Massu asked and frowned.

Notti whispered looking deep into Massu's eyes, "Maybe later...not right now..." He took one of Massu's hands in his and pressed it to his chest.

"I‘d like to kiss you." whispered Massu when he felt Notti´s hear pounding in his chest. Again he realized how beautiful it is to feel life under your own palms.

Notti whispered, "Please..."

Massu turned lay to his side and let their noses touch for a second still looking at Notti. Then he just closed his eyes and pressed his lips on Notti´s.

Notti moaned into the kiss, "Taka..."

"I´m sorry I hurt you last night. I need time to get it all between us...boys." Said Massu and kissed Notti´s jaw.

Notti shook his head, "Its ok...you never did it before. I understand..."

"So what do you want to do now." asked Massu and stopped the snuggling. Kusano wasn‘t really responding to it, it felt weird.

Notti blushed, he felt bad...Massu looked worried, "Gomen...I guess I was thinking again. Its not something I should do often..."

Massu answered that he understands and lay on his back again, crossing his hands under his head.

Notti curled up next Massu, he shook his head to clear it and place his hands on Massu‘s chest. He whispered „I'm sorry...I ruined the mood...I'm back and I don't plan on letting my mind wander again. No more thinking..."

"Ok." said Massu and kissed Kusano´s head. "Is the morning, what shall we do whole day in this tiny apartment?" asked Massu concerned.

Notti reached up to check his temperature, "You still have a fever. If I use the thermometer I would know how high but you're too sick to leave so yes. We're staying here in my tiny apartment preferably with you in bed."

"But there is no TV, no DVD, no....food??!!" exclaimed Massu and pouted. "If we‘ll just snug like this, we‘ll end up being naughty again. And my fever will be even higher." Massu‘s expression was soooo childish. But he hate the days he can‘t go out playing on his BMX or rollers.

"Uchi owes me a favor he can bring me his spare TV if I ask and he can sweet-talk Ryo into sharing his DVD collection. Will that make you feel better..." Notti grinned at the thought...

"That will do...and something big to sink my teeth into will be also welcomed." grinned Massu.

Notti kissed Massu gently before grabbing his keitai. He called Uchi, "Hiro...Hiro desu. You know that favor you owe me...I need to collect. I have a bored, sick Massu at my place. Yes, my tiny apartment...I need to borrow your spare TV. Is Ryo there? Sugoi, tell him I want to borrow his DVDs. No, not all of them just the last 10 he bought. Give him the phone...Ryo, I could tell Uchi about Pi...I thought you would see things my way. Thank you, oh one more thing...Massu is hungry. Don't you call him buta...he's sick. I want ramen and snacks. Bring something quick and easy to make. How easy...easy enough Massu could make it. Thank you, see you in what 45? Hai, jya ne..." he grinned at Massu, "All's well...we get everything..."

Massu smiled. Kusano didn‘t want to leave his side even for a food store. He asked jokingly, "Tomorrow...you‘ll have to call Yamapi or Tegoshi."

Notti frowned as he crawled back into bed with Massu, "Are you sure you want Tego around..."

"Are you sure you want Yamapi around?" reminded Massu.

Notti nodded, "It would be nice to see captain...I was just a little weirded out that he was dating neechan. I'm fine now...besides I should apologize for being rude. I made neechan angry...I have to apologize..."

Massu nodded..."Ok." he pat Kusano´s hair.

"Now, before RyoUchi arrives...could you...possibly...kiss me?" smiled Massu widely.

Notti snuggled into Massu's touch...he looked up at him and grinned. He crawled gently on top of Massu and kissed him gently...

Massu wanted to be treated. Shige is right when he told him that he‘s such a baby when he‘s ill. He just let Notti kissing him, answering his kisses tenderly.

Notti placed his palms on Massu's chest so he could feel his heartbeat. He kissed him a little harder...

Massu spread his arms and stretched them behind his head... he felt good. He hates being sick, but being treated like this makes him feel better.

Notti was kissing Massu when a loud angry banging sound at the door and a whining voice was heard. Notti growled, "That was fast..." As he stood and went to the door.

Uchi was clinging to Ryo and whining, "Hurry please...I wanna go home..." as the door open, he stopped whining at grinned at Notti, "Hiro...konnichiwa. We brought food..." He had the food since Ryo was little preoccupied with the TV.

Ryo stay silent. He placed the TV on the table and took a look around. "You sick? Why here?" asked Ryo and narrowed his eyes while watching Massu suspiciously.

Massu rose his eyes from a bed and smiled. His cheeks turned red.

Notti crossed his arms and said dangerously, "Ryo..."

Uchi set the food down in the kitchen, "Honeytoast, you promised to be good...please...can you go get the DVDs for them..." he gave Ryo a glimpse of his famous pout.

Ryo took a look at Notti, "You are like...you know...this...things..." Ryo stuttered looking at Notti.

Notti sighed, "He and I were hanging out and he got sick so I took him home. He's staying until he's better, I wasn't letting him go home like that. DVDs onegai..."

Uchi nuzzled up against Ryo, "Hurry Honeytoast...Massu looks bored..." He smirked knowingly at Notti, he knew more then anyone about Notti's crush on Massu that seemed to have turned into something more...

Ryo came back hiding the DVD‘s behind his back, "You two slept together...I can sense these things. When, where, WHY?!" Ryo groaned.

Notti stared at the floor embarrassed at Ryo's directness, "Ryo-chan...it happened and we both wanted it so what does it matter. You sleep with Uchi all the time...hell the two of you are practically married...

Uchi turned bright red and whispered, "Hiro...you...." his voice trailing off...Notti was right....

Ryo grinned, "Blabla...let‘s just drop it, talking about it images are popping in my mind. Here...DVD‘s jya, I´m going home and sleep with Uchi." Ryo said and stuck his tongue out at Massu.

Uchi tried to hide behind Ryo which made Notti smirk. Uchi was an inch taller which made Ryo the shortest one in the room if Massu was standing. He nodded, "Ryo, I would get Hiro out of here...he doesn't look as good in red as he does in pink..."

"I´m about to do that." said Ryo and pointed on Massu with his finger, "You buta...take care of him. If you hurt him in any matter, I´ll kill you." said Ryo and grabbed Uchi´s hand to lead him out of this small room his young friend called a flat.

Notti smiled after them as they left, there had been a time when he had been certain Ryo hated him and everyone in NewS. After Kanjani8 was debuted then Ryo had settled down a bit but after NewS was suspended because of him Ryo had been furious. It wasn't until after he spent time at Uchi´s that Ryo had become a friend. Now Ryo had become a protective Niichan and he had a lot of respect for Ryo. He crawled back in bed with Massu, "Are you still hungry? I can go see what Uchi bought..."

"Un...hungry. I´ll help you, I don‘t wanna spend whole day in bed anyway."

Notti crossed his arms, "Iie. Not a chance, you need rest. Kei said you needed to stay in bed, so in bed you will stay. I know its not fair to make an athlete like you stay in bed but its for the best," he smirked, "Don't make me sit on you..."

"You have to force me to stay in...and if you‘ll be doing that you won‘t be able to cook...so no way here. I´m helping you." said Massu and stood up.

Notti pouted, "But...you won't get better faster..."

Massu had already his nose in refrigerator, "What do you want to eat?" he asked Kusano loudly.

Notti mumbled as he followed him, "You...I don't care. We both know you can't cook much anyway. You eat a lot but you can't cook...only Shoon is a worse cook then you. I didn't want to have to worry about cooking much...so I told them to pick up stuff even you could cook."

Massu pouted childishly even when he already got used to jokes about his appetite. "Cook yourself then! I´m going to take a quick shower, I´m sweaty." he said and left the kitchen.

Notti sighed, he wasn't always the nicest person and he had a bad habit of teasing Massu. Ryo was a bad influence...he made instant ramen. It wasn't the best but the broth would be good for Massu's throat. He sighed and leaned against the fridge, he was thought sometimes and not at others...

Massu came back with his hair wet and spiky. He smiled at Kusano when he realized that Kusa is all serious and worried. He kissed Kusano´s lips and said, "I´m happy you teased me. It‘s fun." he winked and then started to pick down his ramen.

Notti blushed, "Taka..." he picked at his own food...it didn't taste great. He needed to make them real food soon.

Massu pat his belly, "Oishiiiiii! I feel lot better know...so...movie??!" asked Massu.

Notti nodded, he threw the paper cup and cheap chopsticks away. He went to dig threw the DVDs...he caught and interesting one. It had nothing to label it...he opened it and grinned at the writing on the disk. It said Kurosagi movie..." Notti grinned, "Naughty Ryo...a bootleg copy of Leader's movie. You want to watch..."

"Sure." said Massu and lay comfortably down on the futon spreading his arms for Notti.

Notti put the DVD in and curled up in Massu's lap as he pressed play. He leaned his head back on Massu's shoulder...it was so comfortable.

It was a good movie...Massu usually don‘t watch movies from bed because he always fell asleep. Always means always...it took him like 30 minutes and he felt his head drop against Kusano´s cheek and fell asleep.

The other let Massu's soft breathing lull him to sleep...Pi would kill them for falling asleep during his movie, ne ...
Tianshantonglaoayahayashi on January 18th, 2009 06:34 am (UTC)
massano is <3 thanks for writing all the fic...cant wait to know the ending!!!
Crazyone: Massucrazysakuru on February 6th, 2009 06:08 am (UTC)
just so whoa >w<
Helloz!! ^o^ I've read your Kusanoxmassu fanfics!! omg the way you guys made it was like so..hard to explain but in an awesome way lol XDD Somehow I'm liking this pairing very much :D hope you make more of kusanoxmassu! ^o^